Live Patient Surgical Courses

We have a course for every level of training for the General Practitioner as well as the Specialist. Every course we offer is developed around the concept of didactic, laboratory and Live Patient Training. This is the most effective way to learn any principle.

  • AGD/PACE Certified
  • ZimVie Sponsored Training Facility
  • Combined 75 years of Dental Experience

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Our Dental Classes

Level 1 Courses

  • Live Implant Placement 
  • Guided Implant Surgery Live Patient Surgeries
  • Atraumatic Extractions with Implant development
  • The Emergency Patient
  • Treatment Planning for Production
  • Endodontics for the GP

Level 2 Courses

  • Live Anterior Implant Placements
  • Augmentation/Ridge Splits for Implants
  • PRF Live Surgeries

Level 3 Courses

  • Sinus augmentations
  • Full Arch Reconstruction
  • TMD Appliance Therapy Live Patient Treatment
  • Treatment Planning ASA Class III patients

This was the most amazing course I’ve ever taken!  Dr.’s Gary and Kevin are the most approachable and sincere mentors I’ve ever had!

Dr. Mike S., Texas

These guys ROCK!  I’ve sat through so many courses that left me asking “am I ready?

Dr. Paul M., Nebraska

I learned more from this class in 3 days than I learned in the last 3 years!

Dr. Sandra C, California

You guys are great, and I am a better surgeon after this course even after placing implants all for years, I leaned so much and implemented that knowledge into my practice, all your staff and the OS are amazing.   Looking forward to go to the next step with your help


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